Insight Garden Program


Insight Garden Program transforms prisoners’ lives through connection to nature.

IGP facilitates an innovative curriculum combined with vocational gardening and landscaping training so that people in prison can reconnect to self, community, and the natural world. This “inner” and “outer” gardening approach transforms lives, ends ongoing cycles of incarceration, and creates safer communities.

Our model is a real solution to some of the most pressing issues impacting prisoners and people in reentry. We are now at an exciting crossroads in our evolution – expanding throughout California and nationally!

With the United States spending more than $80 billion/year nationally on the prison-industrial complex, we can’t afford not to do this work.

“Incarceration in the US is five times higher than any country in the world. IGP is working to transform the prison system from the inside-out with a proven, replicable curriculum and applied trade in organic gardening. With a less than 10% recidivism rate compared to the U.S. average of greater than 55%, IGP’s success is seen in both the economic reduction of millions in state spending, and in the social benefit of transformed inmates as contributing members in their communities. It is hard to argue or deny the impact IGP has made and is making around the country. This, truly, is the beginning of a new era in criminal justice reform.” 

– Will Hodgman, IGP’s Board Chair

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