Insight Garden Program

Meet some of our graduates



“It’s like a new family because they care for you and they help you in so many ways. Going to the Insight Garden Program helped me achieve the things I wanted and helped me find structure in my life.”

When I had the opportunity in prison, I took that chance with IGP, and it was the chance to change my life. After I went home, through connections with the IGP, I was fortunate enough to have a job waiting for me. And that job changed my life as well.

When I came out of prison after six years of a ten year sentence, I said I would do something different this time, and I would give myself a chance. Meditating, calming down and thinking before I react changed me. I learned skills to manage the things that try me.





“Everything changed because I changed my mind about how I looked at everything.”

The plants in the garden inspired me. The rest of the yard is full of men and officers and some workout equipment and then there’s a little corner that’s a world away from all of that.  I saw the plants just being plants, digging the sunshine. I made a connection with them. I was glad to share that part of my life with them.

I changed so much from the time that I entered prison to the time that I left. I learned a lot about the environment. IGP’s biology teacher, Mark Stefanski, was one of the best teachers I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a room with. He sparked interest in how I look at the time I have been on earth, how long the earth has been here, our impact, and our society’s impact on the planet.