Insight Garden Program

Reimagine Healing in Prison

One Gardener at a Time

For nearly 20 years, Insight Garden Program (IGP) has reconnected people in prison and in reentry to self, community, and the natural world.

Grounded in the belief that access to nature is a human right, we combine mindfulness practice, vocational landscaping training, trauma-healing, and reentry support. Our holistic program empowers people in prison to become community leaders, environmental stewards, and criminal justice reform advocates both within prison and in the communities to which they return. 

Help us reach our goal to raise $100,000!





Our current justice system relies on punitive and extractive practices that ignore the basic needs of those who have experienced harm to feel restored and healed. What would it look like if healing and personal transformation were central to our responses to harm?

As we emerge from the long isolation brought on by COVID-19, Insight Garden Program invites you to help us Reimagine Healing in Prisons